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About Dolcevita

Dolcevita is an Italian furniture brand inspired by the long history of Italy country with its rich heritage of art and architecture. Our furniture collections consist of various designs for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and vanity with elegance, contemporary and luxurious touch. We use only Italian-made materials from the board, hardware to lighting to make any customization right in our factory in Vietnam.

Why Dolcevita?

1. Unique design

Our Italian designers have excellent inspiration in creating the best furniture that serves the everyday life of urban living style. We consider our customers’ interests and concerns about having a home furnished with quality products, the furniture that is not only well-designed but also helps them enjoy the best life at home with family. It is all customized for each and every customer.

2. Premium quality

All materials we use to make kitchens and wardrobes are made in Italy. We carefully select reliable suppliers for the best quality from the faced board, and hardware to lighting. This is to ensure the durability of the products and their sustainability.

3. Good customer services

Our professional team understands what our customers expect in terms of design, quality, and comfort when living in a good house. We work in order to deliver the products from design to installation with a lot of skills and care.


Vision & Mission

With a vision to become Vietnam’s number one manufacturer of Italian furniture, we make great efforts in finding better solutions in terms of design, materials, and production in order to offer our customers unique design furniture with the highest quality and affordable prices.

Vision & Mission

Dolcevita was born with the mission to bring a beautiful life through classy interior designs. Each product carries a new artistic value but still has high applicability with perfect quality.

Production Capacity


1. Modern techonology

Dolcevita factory is located in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai of more than 10,000 m2 furnished with Italian and German machinery and we have a team of experienced technicians and workers. Dolcevita is capable to meet the highest requirements of quality, acurracy, asthetic and leadtime for any project.


2. Premium made-in-Italy materials

We have great connections with Italian suppliers i.e Cleaf, FGV, Domus Line and we only use the best materials for our kitchens and wardrobes.


3. Various choices of designs

We created a collection of wide range of choices for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. It depends on the size and style of the house customers can choose different set up to optimise the use of the space while maintaining their own style. All details are paid attention to and the final products are guaranteed to give the best function and look.


4. Complete interior solutions

When we do a project we take into account not only one single product but we care about the harmony of the whole interior project in order to a complete solution to our customer. From the first sketch to final completion of the products all processes are done with high accuracy and professionality.